To increase the usefulness of the work and its use as a discussion tool in different contexts, we provide the documentation of the work and the materials as downloads.



The development of the work is based on an inductive process that aims to generate new useful and critical knowledge about the subject of the work: the port of the future. Starting from the particular situation of the city of Valencia and its port, fifteen preliminary ideas are developed, grouped in five work areas as a starting point for the research.

The development is approached with an exploratory perspective supported by academic research and semi-structured interviews with the testimonies.

  • The academic research is designed as a documentary review of the literature in the five areas previously identified, always establishing the relationship between these and ports or maritime fronts. Consult the research document, which can be downloaded. This research makes it possible to identify the main challenges and current trends affecting each of the subject areas in relation to the reality of ports or port facilities.
  • The semi-structured interviews are the tool to broaden the focus and generate a reflection that develops the exploration. As a general structure, four blocks are foreseen to deepen with each of the statements the challenges and the current situation of the ports (1), the actions or proposals that are currently being implemented (2), the wishes for the future (3) and a final summary of the main ideas (4). You can read the documentation of the individual interviews in the “Experts” section of this website.

The results obtained have been summarised into the fifteen core ideas of this thesis, with the arguments for each of the areas that are the result of the research linked to the quotes from the different interviews that support them.


Download project report

Publication containing the core ideas and expert testimonies of the project

PDF file (13 MB)

Download the Valencia case (Valencian language)

Publication containing the proposal "Un port del futur per a València"

PDF file (1 MB)
Stefan Al

Architect, urbanist and professor at Columbia University

Miriam García García

PhD Architect, landscape architect, urban planner and director of LAND LAB

Laleh Khalili

Professor of International Politics at Queen Mary University of London

Keller Easterling

Designer, writer and professor at Yale

Katy Fox-Hodess

Lecturer in Employment Relations and Research Development Director of the Centre for Decent Work at the University of Sheffield

Jorge Sharp

Mayor of Valparaíso

Gabriella Gómez-Mont

Founder, Experimentalista

Fredrik Lindstål

Chairman of the Board of Stockholms Hamn AB – Ports of Stockholm

Diane Oshima

Director of Planning & Environment, Port Of San Francisco (2017-2021)

Port of the Future is based on fifteen core ideas to lay the foundation for a desired model. This proposal opens a reflection with representatives of port communities around the world to deepen the debate and define common and possible visions for the future.

Port of the Future is a framework for reflection and proposals for present and future port infrastructures.

Coordination and writing Vigla. Funded by Compromís.